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$1,125 RAISED*   -   $5,000 GOAL

In the fall of 2014 my mom, Ursula, had just completed her second marathon over a six day span. She had run countless marathons and half marathons prior to this, but never attempted two so close together. A few days after her second marathon, my mom was hospitalized with slurred speech, blurry vision, and other confusing symptoms.  Within days she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  




All proceeds from our event will be donated directly to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  We also will encourage all sponsors to make their contribution directly to the charity rather than giving through our event.

You see, the thing is you really don't know much about a disease until it personally impacts the people around you. We now had more questions than answers. What we quickly learned is MS is a neurological disease where the immune system eats away at the protective covering of nerves. In other words, MS is a disease where your body attacks itself, specifically the nerves in the brain, spinal cord, and eye area. This causes many internal scars to develop which prevent the nerves from communicating as they should.

So why am I doing this?


To raise money to cure the disease that my mom battles daily.  I hope you will join me.

- Henry Forrester

* Raised total includes both received and pledge donations

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